A Vancouver based film editor specialising

in scripted films, episodic series and commercials.


Ben has over 15 years of post production experience. As an editor he's worked on broadcast television series and teamed up with many talented directors and production companies on short films, mini series and commercials.

He has also worked as a character animator and VFX production manager on multiple high TV shows and feature films.

My story

Recent Projects


I'm an English film editor currently working in Vancouver's thriving film industry.


I started my editing career in the mid 00s working for various advertising agencies and production companies in London UK cutting brand films and commercials. During this time I worked with many different brands including Nike, VW and Coca-Cola and had the opportunity to work with many talented creatives and directors.

During my time as a freelance editor I also worked on corporate videos for companies such as FIFA and the International Olympic Committee and cut broadcast content and TV shows for MTV and the BBC.


Since relocating to Vancouver I've been working on visual effects movies, dipping my toes into CG character animation and more recently production management. In this time I've been lucky enough to work on some high end film and television projects and had the chance to work alongside some of the world's most talented VFX supervisors and movie directors.

I've gained some invaluable new skills working in visual effects that I'm excited to transfer to editing.


As an animator I studied visual storytelling and acting in depth, creating my own storyboards and animatics through to acting out all of my scenes. I feel that I have much more of an understanding, appreciation and connection to directors and actors choices and I can already feel the difference in my recent editing work.


And working as a production manager has taken my time management and organisational skills to the next level. I know exactly where the directors favourite take is and I can find it in a heartbeat!


The reason I got into film making is to tell great stories and I feel that the time is right to shift my focus back to my first love which is editing. In the last 15 years every step I've taken, no matter which direction, has taught me valuable lessons about film making and storytelling. I'm constantly learning this craft and I'm not finished yet but my experience has already made me a more technical, creative, efficient and rounded storyteller.  


Now I'd like to help tell your story.

2019: Star Wars - The Mandalorian - VFX Department Manager

2019: Spiderman - Far From Home - Lighting Coordinator
2019: Pokémon Detective Pikachu - Lighting Coordinator

2018: Skyscraper - VFX Production Manager

2017: Justice League - Animation Coordinator

2017: Fifty Shades Freed - Animator

2016: Start Trek Beyond - Animator

2015: Rising Storm Vietnam (PC Game) - Animator

2015: Carnation Commercials x4 - Editor

Image Engine Design Inc | Department Production Manager

MPC | Animation coordinator / Production Manager

Double Negative | Animator

Rainmaker Entertainment | Animator
Anti-Matter Games | Animator

Engine House VFX | Animator

MTV | Editor

BBC | Editor

Passion Pictures | Editor
Park Village | Editor

HOOT Comedy | Editor

Intro UK | Editor

Can Communicate | Editor

TBWA London | Editor

EURO RSCG | Editor


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